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Update:  We are continuing to take submittals through the mail or online for our next full rotation that will go up in September of 2023.  All submittals are handled on a first come, first served basis; and are due by August 31st, so don't wait.  If your submittal arrives after that or if we reach our quota, we will put your hero in our next installation.

Salinas hometown heroes banner program

Banner Program Application

To make full use of this form, you should have scanned images of your honoree (minimum 300 DPI recommended) and your proof of residency (utility bill, etc.) available for upload.

Honoree Information 

Be certain name(s) are spelled correctly.  This is how they will appear on the banner.

Term of Enlistment:

Applicant Information

Relationship to honoree
You may attach a digital image of your honoree
Attach your HONOREE'S proof of Salinas residency here

Please adhere to the following

guidelines for images:

The image should contain the full head

and shoulders of the person.

  • No objects obstructing the face.

  • No weapons.

  • Take photos out of frames to avoid glare

These are the common things for images

not being approved.

In the event that an active-duty service person’s military status changes, due to any circumstances, it is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the Committee.

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