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Update:  We are continuing to take submittals through the mail or online for our next full rotation that will go up in September of 2023.  All submittals are handled on a first come, first served basis; and are due by August 31st, so don't wait.  If your submittal arrives after that or if we reach our quota, we will put your hero in our next installation.

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The mission of the Salinas Hometown Heroes Banner Program is to honor all veterans and active duty service members who were - or are -  residents of the city of Salinas with a display of banners along Oldtown’s Main Street.

All current and former service members who have donned the uniforms of our Armed Forces, while honorably serving our country and community, deserve our respect and recognition.


And lest we forget those who paid the ultimate price while ensuring that the rest of us continue to live with peace and freedom.  These banners will be a testament to our respect for them and their families.

The Mission

No matter when you served…

….to submit a picture of yourself or your loved one in uniform, along with name and branch of service to the Salinas Hometown Heroes Banner Committee.

Your personal banner will be displayed along South Main Street in Oldtown, as part of our Hometown Heroes Banner program.

There are two rotations throughout the year. Spring rotation is mid-May thru mid-July; Fall rotation is mid-September thru mid-November.



The Salinas Hometown Heroes Banner Program is donor-based and banners will be provided at no cost to families or service members. Community sponsors are the primary source of funding for this program and will help ensure its success.


We are calling out to leading local businesses to help us make the Salinas Hometown Hero Banner Program a huge success.

This is an incredible opportunity for your business to shine and show its support for the veteran community.

We will also gladly accept the support of individuals who would like to be part if this worthwhile program.

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